Jael Louis

Associate, Strategy

Jael helps clients come up with ways they can effectively influence a mass audience for their cause. She handles communication strategy and project management for clients such as the Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream and Halcyon. Before joining Hattaway, Jael worked at a public university system in New York, marketing and promoting the university's initiatives that are inclusive of students with disabilities. Jael earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from Monroe College, and a master’s degree in public relations and corporate communications from Georgetown University. A proud descendant of the leaders of the Haitian Revolution—the successful slave rebellion that resulted in the creation of the world’s first Black republic—Jael enjoys learning about social movements around the globe, which she does in part by binge-watching international movies and shows on Netflix. When not in the office, Jael can be found checking out Washington's food and art scene with her husband Tye.

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